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Thumbnail Image for Article 971Atelier funded by Education Foundation completed
Posted Date: 09/30/2015

The atelier at the Muskogee Early Childhood Center is complete and ready for use.  The MECC staff would like to thank the Education Foundation of Muskogee for funding the grant “Hello Reggio, It’s Nice to Meet You.”  The $6,000.00 grant has allowed us to create a studio in which student-centered learning projects can be brought to life.  Children’s interests are followed through project-based learning and will be made representational through creations which allow provocations to be explored through visual and creative art.  The new atelier features spaces for whole group storytelling and discussions, whole group projects, and small group projects.  The room is stocked with supplies for paint, clay, sketching, drawing, and more.  Plentiful supplies of paint, paper, brushes, scissors, paint rollers, paint scrapers, and clay working tools will allow the ECC teachers to lead students in the exploration of a variety of artistic mediums.  Storage shelves will allow for the collection of recycled and/or repurposed materials that will be donated by parents and other stakeholders.  Learning with “found” materials allows for innovative and imaginative thinking and makes art affordable.  The teachers at ECC are engaged in a professional learning community “Art Related Teaching” which is focused on studying art and the integration of art into the curriculum. ECC welcomes visitors who are interested in our Reggio-inspired work. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, please enjoy the pictures which will provide a photo-tour of the classroom.

                                                            Malinda Lindsey, ECC Principal

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